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Best hair extension to use for.

Best hair extension to use for.

Hair extension is a thing which can be used by a lady with less hair, it makes them look beautiful, but in this world of huge ranges, hair extensions also have different kinds of variety, which makes ourselves confused to choose the best hair extension brand, but don't get too worried about it, we have a solution for this problem.

Yeah, you got that write, we will discuss here about hair extensions, their lifetime and later we will get to know about some of the best hair extension brands.

So, without making any delay, let’s start this topic.

We all have heard about the hair extensions and their uses, but did you ever think, “How they are made off?"

Best hair extension to use
Best hair extension to use

As it is known as human hair extensions, It's manufacturing is also done as it is actually sounds, Yeah, you are right, they are fully made of human hair from top to bottom, generally human hairs are collected from door to door, you may have seen some people who come to buy your hair and he offers something for that hair, You may have thought that, what they do with your hair that are of no use, But they are used to make human extension.

There is another type of hair extensions too and that is synthetic hair extensions, they are generally made out of various kinds of synthetics, blended fibers and they contain no human hair in it, although fibers used to make synthetic hair extensions are very fine and imitate real human hair.

This is the manufacturing process of any hair extension, now let's know some more about it.

Quality & Lifetime

Synthetic hair is usually cheaper than the real human hair, since synthetic hairs are made out of different kinds of synthetic products, so they do not last as long as a human hair extension does. Because synthetic hair extensions get damaged by some natural factors like the sun and heat etc.

The lifetime of a synthetic hair is about few months, whereas a human hair extensions can last up to one year or more, if they are well taken care of, Luxy remy human hair extensions last about one year on average.

Human hair extensions can be treated and styled just like you do to your natural hair, and they also look like natural hair as its blend easily with your hairs and last much longer than a synthetic hair extensions. On the other hand synthetic extensions are cheaper and can't be treated and styled like natural human hair.

That's all we had to know about hair extensions, there are so many kinds of hair extension, but two among them is very popular.

Hair Extension
Hair Extension

Clip-In Hair Extension:

Clip In hair extensions, comes in a strand of contoured pieces and a clip is attached on the base of extension, All you have to do is to clip the pieces to your natural hair and you are ready to rock on, You can easily put them off whenever you feel no need of this.

Clip In hair extensions are also damages the least because they don't involve any chemicals, heat, pressure or any other kinds of installation process; this is one of the many reasons why they are so popular hair extensions.

Tap-In Hair Extension:

Tape In hair extensions are exactly as they sound, these extensions are pre-taped and then tap the glue on either side of your hair, It is not so easy to use because its removing process is also patchy, you have to use glue remover to remove them, which may take almost 5 - 15 minutes of time, Naturally when you use glue to use this hair extension, It may damage your hair roots.

Now, let’s know about some of the best brands of hair extensions

● Babe

● Easihair Pro

● Cinderella

● Donna Bella

● Bellman Hair Extensions

● Great Lengths

● Hair Dreams

● Hotheads

● Klix

● She by So Capelli

These are some of the main things you should know, if you are a hairstylist or may be a lady who pretty much loves her hair.

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